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PHOENIX Addressable Perforating Switches

The Phoenix addressable switch technology utilizes "next generation" electronics and firmware to offer safe and reliable downhole operations

-Selective perforating
-Single trip plug and perforating operations
-Pump-down perforating
-Electrical Release Tool control
-Setting tool control
-DC Motor Control Switch (900200)

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Addressable Perforating Switch Features

Addressable Switch Features

  • Switch wakes up in “listen mode” and does nothing until addressed.
  • Firing current and voltage are measured at the switch itself as opposed to using the surface panel voltage and current ( both are recorded and either one can be used )
  • Eliminates potential off depth perforating events due to improper mechanical switch wiring that is verified before going in wellbore
  • Unique switch logic enables “skip over” capabilities that provide valuable time savings in the case of a misfire
  • Temperature at switch is recorded.
  • Increased reliability and efficiency of electronic switch overconventional mechanical components•
  • Switch communication verification prior to, and during, descent into the wellbore
  • Compatible with the Warrior System by SDS.

Additional Safety Features

  • Each addressable switch must be activated with a unique and specific software command to establish continuity to the detonator/igniter.
  • While in Enable Fire command the Detonator swith remains in "open" State
  • The dual processors control communication state and switch status
  • The Wireline switch remains in the “open” state until
    communication is established, and the command is received to close and connect to next switch.
  • Aids in the prevention of potential surface detonation due to power remaining on the wireline
  • Automatically aborts the firing sequence and shuts down in the event a circuit fault is detected, or an inappropriate command is received
  • Automatically times out, if the user does not perform the required action, in a given amount of time.

Addressable Perforating Switch Specifications

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